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Can You Put Cold Water in a Humidifier?

Humidifiers are the best home treatment for cold and congestion. It also treats the dryness in the air of your home. Since the covid-19 pandemic, the demand for humidifiers has skyrocketed.

Though people are buying different types of humidifiers with the latest features, they often face confusion in using them. One of these confusions is the temperature of the water. Can you put cold water in humidifiers? This is the most asked question by all humidifier customers.

We will answer this question in this article. We hope that your confusion about using cold water in humidifiers will be eliminated by the end of this article. So let us begin.

Can You Put Cold Water in A Mist Humidifier?

So, let’s get straight to the question. Can you put cold water in a mist humidifier? Yes, you can. But cold water is not good for all kinds of mist humidifiers. If you have been keeping up with the humidifier market, then you must know that there are different types of humidifiers.

Ultrasonic, Evaporation humidifier, Vaporization humidifier.

If you own a vaporization and evaporation humidifier, using cold water may decrease its efficiency. But in the case of ultrasonic humidifiers, you may use cold water in it. There will be no real damage done to the humidifier.

Can You Put Cold Water in A Cold Mist Humidifier?

Can you put cold water in a cold mist humidifier? What is a cold humidifier? A cold humidifier is also known as a cool-mist humidifier. But unlike its name, the mist coming out of it is not cool. It dispels room temperature mist. They are called cool mist humidifiers because the humidity created with these types of humidifiers keeps the room temperature from rising.

Despite the mist not being cold, can you put cold water in it? Yes, you can put cold water in a cold mist humidifier. If you pour cold water, the mist that comes out will be cold (rather than being of room temperature).

Putting cold water in a cold mist humidifier can benefit the humidifier in many ways. So if you want to pour cold water in a cold mist humidifier, then go ahead with full confidence.

Benefits Of Putting Cold Water in A Cold Mist Humidifier

Using cold water in a cold mist humidifier is beneficial for both the humidifier and for the person in the room. Here are some benefits of pouring cold water in a cool-mist humidifier.

Dispels Cold Capor

Normally, cold mist humidifiers dispel room temperature vapor in the air. But if you pour cold water into the tank, the vapor coming out will be cold. This will effectively reduce the room temperature and make it comfortable for you to breathe.

Preserve Longevity of the Humidifier

What causes a humidifier to break down slowly? The mineral deposits of water that form on the mechanism of the humidifier.

Hot water and room-temperature water have more minerals in them than cold water. So cold water will have fewer mineral leftovers to form in the humidifier. This is how cold water can benefit the humidifier and prolong its life.

Do Not Let Bacteria Grow

Coldwater does not provide a breeding ground for bacteria. So there is no chance of bacteria growing inside the humidifier and making it unhealthy.

However, the cold water must be distilled if you do not want bacteria to build up. Indeed, cold water does not allow any breeding ground for bacteria, but the bacteria bodies are still present in the water.

So, if you want this benefit of using cold water to be true, use distilled cold water in the humidifier.

Safe for Pets and Children

Using cold water is safe for pets and children. We all know how active children and pets are. They knock around things in the house. SO even if they knock the humidifier, they will not burn themselves.

Can You Put Cold Water in A Warm Mist Humidifier?

There is a different class of humidifiers in the market, and they are classified as warm mist humidifiers. True to their name, they dispel warm humidity in the air. These types of humidifiers are perfect for treating colds and flu.

Now can you use cold water in these types of humidifiers? Unless the instructions are mentioned otherwise, cold water can be used in this type of humidifier.

Since the humidifier will boil/ heat the water in some way for producing warm mist, we don’t see why you would put cold water in it.

Regardless of what reason you have, you can pour cold water in a warm mist humidifier. But it will slow down the water heating process for dispelling warm mist.

Can I Put Ice Water in A Humidifier?

Pouring cold water in a cold mist humidifier provides cool mist to dispel in the air. Now the question is, can you put ice cubes in to produce even colder humidity?

The answer is complicated. If you put just ice cubes, the humidifier will not work. The humidifier needs water to work. The ice cubes will take some time to melt. By then the humidifier will shut off for safety.

But if you put water and an ice cube together, then the humidifier will work if there is water to vaporize.

Some Advice for Water Temperature for Humidifiers

The bottom line is that you can use cold water in humidifiers. But to further eliminate your confusion regarding water temperature, here is some advice.

Do Not Use Ice Cubes and Freezing Water in A Warm Mist Humidifier

Using just ice cubes in a cold mist humidifier does not make it work properly. So, if you put it in a warm mist humidifier, it would not function properly either.

If you put ice cubes and freezing water together, the warm humidifier will work slowly. Because the cold of the water will slow down the water-heating process for producing warm mist.

Do Not Use Boiling Warm Water in Any Kind of Humidifier

If you are thinking of pouring boiling water into humidifiers, please don’t. The container of the humidifier is made of plastic. It will not be able to hold its shape at the boiling hot temperature.

The tank will deform, and it may also damage the internal mechanism of the humidifier.


So, can you put cold water in a humidifier? Yes, you can. Putting it in a cold mist humidifier will provide a colder mist. Putting it in a warm mist humidifier will produce warm mist but the efficiency will decrease.

Either way, there is no damage in using cold water in humidifiers.

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