Can Humidifier Damage Electronics?

Drastic transformations are taking place in the world of technologies and equipment. Starting from your homes to workplaces, every place is surrounded by technological products.

A piece of statistical information stated that around 88% of the people in the U.S use computers or laptops very often. Also, approximately 77% of the people in the country use smartphones. This example shows the increase in usage of electronic devices is becoming prominent.

Besides, a humidifier is another essential invention that is beneficial to people. By definition, humidifiers are electronic products. These increase the humidity of your room and an entire place.

Humidifiers are a blessing as well as a curse for your other electronic equipment. There are many opinions about this product. To dig in-depth about this topic, keep reading this article!

Humidifier Can Ruin Electronics: A Myth or a Fact?

There are various views on the concept of whether humidifiers damage electronics. Before deciding on an answer, you need to consider some factors.

On the positive side, humidifiers help to boost your devices’ lifespan. This occurs when you place your appliance in a dry environment. So, the moisture from the humidifier balances with the dry surrounding. Moreover, it also obstructs any kind of electrical discharge.

Moving to the negative side, humidifiers can be harmful to electronic items. Placing it next to your TV or home electronics near it might cause harm. The formation of water droplets might cause damage to your device’s screen. Also, due to condensation, the electrical cables and other parts get hampered as well.

So, it is not a fact or a myth that humidifiers can harm electronics. It depends on the evaluation of many factors before concluding.

Can a Humidifier Damage the Computer?

Humidifiers are valuable equipment providing various benefits to users. Yet, sometimes you might wonder whether humidifiers can damage your computer. If the humidifiers are not properly allocated, then yes, it might damage your computer.

Also, the impact of condensation should be considered. Condensation results in corroding the metallic components of your computer. This might occur due to the added moisture created by the humidifier.

In addition, the contractions and expansions of the metallic items also create a problem. This occurs due to changes in humidity. A warmed-up environment causes the metallic components to expand when the humidity changes. But, when the surrounding is cooled, the components start to contract. So, these fluctuations damage the parts of your computer.

On the other hand, there is another perspective to this view. If your computer is placed in a dry environment, then humidifiers act as saviors. Low humidity causes the surrounding dryness to accelerate. This then combines with the heat of your appliances. This results in driving the ‘static discharges,’ which are harmful to the device and the users.

Thus, humidifiers are preferable if your computer is in a dry environment. Also, you need to maintain a distance between the humidifier and your computer. An over humid environment may cause water droplets to form on the computer screen. Also, it might cause the metallic parts to get moisturized, thus wearing those out.

Is It Okay to Put a Humidifier Near a Laptop?

Wondering whether placing a humidifier near a laptop is a good or a bad idea? Read this section to find the answer!

The most vital aspect is to understand and maintain the level of humidity. If the humidifier produces humidity exceeding 55%, you should not place it near a laptop. You should check the humidity level very often, before and after putting it near a laptop.

If the surrounding is already humid where the laptop is placed, it will ruin your laptop. It will generate moisture on the laptop and would tend to hamper various parts of it. Even the screen would be high on risk. This is due to the formation of water droplets caused by condensation.

If the humidity level is in control, then placing a humidifier near a laptop would be fine. Yet, if the environment is damp, putting it near a laptop would be a terrible idea. It will corrode the electrical connections and the screen. This is due to the accumulation of water for a long time.

Therefore, it will be better to keep the humidifier at a far distance from the laptop. There will be no extra tension of whether the moisture would hamper your laptop.

Can Humidifiers Be in a Room with Electronics?

This is a question that arises in many people’s minds. The answer is a simple ‘yes’! Yet, you should be cautious about restricting any kind of problem.

So here it goes, it’s fine to put humidifiers in the same room as your other electronics. To be on the safe side, you should maintain the appropriate humidity. You should also keep another point in mind. The surrounding moisture and the moisture from the humidifier should be well-balanced.

The limit of the humidity level should not overreach. You should aim to maintain the level within a range of 30%-50%. So, if all the factors are in place, you can put your humidifiers and other electronics in the same room.

What to Keep in Mind When Placing a Humidifier with Electronics?

There are some essential points which you should keep in mind. Following these strategies will restrict any sort of adverse circumstances from occurring.

  • You should always track the humidity level of your place. You can do so by installing a device called a Hygrometer.
  • Besides, you need to scan through the computer/laptop manual. This is for checking on the conditions of operating. The manual can direct you to whether humidifiers would be harmful to your laptop.
  • You should put the humidifier at a distance away from your equipment. In most cases, experts suggest a distance of a minimum of 10 feet. This keeps your electronics away from any hampers to occur.
  • Place the humidifier around 2 ft. above the base/ground. It enhances better humidification.


On the whole, a humidifier is a great tool to add humidity to your surroundings. Yet, various significant aspects should be taken into account.

So, you should follow the safety protocols to restrict any sort of damage from taking place. Make sure you keep the humidifiers at a distance away from your other electronics. In conclusion, this article has shed light on an important topic.

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