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Can I Put Fabric Softener in a Humidifier?

If the thought of using a fabric softener or conditioner in your humidifier has crossed your mind, this is the right place to consult before you go on to using it. Before you think about putting anything inside a humidifier you should ask yourself the right questions and your idea behind putting the specific thing inside.

Can you use a fabric softener in the humidifier and why would you want to? How does the humidifier work and what a fabric softener inside it can lead to?

Can I Put Fabric Softener in a Humidifier?

It is important to realize how a humidifier works before we dive into whether or not fabric softeners can be used inside them. Humidifiers run on electricity and need to have water inside the tanks, which evaporates with time and spreads moisture to remove stale air and keeps the surrounding fresh.

Since these devices run on electricity, as soon as the water inside the humidifier evaporates, it will become dry and prone to explosion. When the humidifier overheats, it can give rise to a fire. However, it will not explode immediately.

Humidifiers are engineered in a way that they can dispense water vapor when the water inside the tank is heated up. You do not have a fabric inside the humidifier that you are trying to soften by using a fabric softener inside the device.

Fabric softeners can even lead to damaging your humidifier, by damaging the device. Furthermore, you must realize the vaporizing the fabric softener will mean you causing it to be in the air that you in turn will have to inhale.

What do you think of inhaling the chemicals that exist within the fabric softeners? The chemicals might even lead to respiratory irritations for some individuals. Especially, if you are using Aerosolized Fabric softeners, you might risk harming your sinus cavities and even your lungs.

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Is Using Fabric Softener Inside a Humidifier Harmful for the Body?

Fabric softeners are not meant to be taken inside your body. This is exactly what happens when you add this ingredient to your humidifier. Humidifiers are usually only designed to house water.

Adding anything else, including the fabric softener, will mean you adding something to the device which it is not engineered for. This can also mean you risk damaging the operative capabilities of the machine. In addition, anything that you put  inside the device is going to be spread into the air and will end up entering your lungs. This will eventually also make it to the rest of your organ. Do you really want that?

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What More Can Go Wrong When Adding Fabric Softener to the Humidifier?

The fabric softener, besides causing health hazards, can also be damaging to the humidifier. There are certain misconceptions regarding fabric softeners. Some say that the fabric softener is useful because it can help reduce the surface tension and hence allow for more moisture to be dispersed into the air. It is completely untrue. The material does not work that way. Rather, the fabric softener is a conductive component.

Furthermore, there are thoughts that fabric softeners can easily dissolve in water and hence adding it to the humidifier, especially with the existing water, will cause little or no issues. However, why would you want to risk it? You can benefit from a better air quality by adding a fabric conditioner to the liquid inside the water tank.

You should realize the fact that it is not possible to soften air using a fabric softener. If you are interested in using a fabric softener to deodorize the air, you should weigh the benefits with the added troubles adding the ingredient to the humidifier brings. There are many other ways to remove bad smells.

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Final Words

Now that you are aware of the fact that the addition of Fabric softeners to the humidifier can have health hazards as well as prove to be detrimental to your machine, it is important that you have enough precautions to prevent that from happening. This simply means staying away from the idea of putting fabric softeners into the machine.

You should try to understand the operation of such devices to justify why adding certain ingredients to the humidifier just does not work. You want to use a humidifier to get fresher air and comfort- not to risk respiratory irritations or damage to your device.

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