Can You Put Alcohol In A Humidifier?

We are the indoor generation. If that wasn’t clear until now, it’s no longer in doubt at all after years of the pandemic. Now more than ever, our home is where we find joy. Our couch and Netflix have become part of our everyday activities. But indoor air quality isn’t always good for our health.

That’s why a humidifier is now a common appliance in every home. This device helps to maintain the humidity of the air. Some of us may add a few drops of essential oil to enhance the experience of luxury. But when we go through the search results on humidifiers, we find that some people even want to add alcohol to the humidifier. If you’re one of those people, we want to educate you on the facts about alcohol in humidifiers.

Can You Put Alcohol in a Humidifier?

No, you should not put alcohol in your humidifier.

People who’ve seen the Simpsons episode “Homer and Father” are more likely to try putting vodka in their humidifier. We don’t assume that. The very people who think of vodka in a humidifier are referring to The Simpsons for the idea.

Indeed, many are excited by the idea of getting high on vodka, not as a liquid but in the form of vapor. But we can assure you that the concept can be deadly for you as funny as it was for a cartoon.

Below, we’ve made a list of reasons why you shouldn’t put alcohol in your humidifier.

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Alcohol Can Damage Your Humidifier

Alcohol is a strong agent that can damage the inside surface of your humidifier. Humidifiers are designed to operate with water, which is a neutral element. If other agents such as alcohol are used that may cause a reaction with the humidifier’s surface material, the unit may be damaged.

You Can Set a Fire

Severa types of humidifiers are designed to generate heat to produce steam. Alcohol is a flammable agent. So if you use alcohol in a humidifier where heat is generated, it can lead to disaster. Although the newer models of humidifiers are designed so that they don’t need to generate heat, we recommend that you don’t put alcohol in your humidifier instead of water.

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Uncontrolled Alcohol Consumption

If these potential dangers to your device aren’t enough to stop you here, then we need to tell you how deadly this crazy idea can be to your health. Alcohol is a heart suppressant, as many of us already know. When you consume alcohol in liquid form, the substance enters your stomach, where it’s broken down into particles. This is how it’s absorbed by your cells. When you consume more alcohol than you should, your body reacts with a defensive response. The excess alcohol is eliminated from your body when you vomit.

Suppose you put alcohol in the humidifier instead of water. The alcohol vapor is everywhere in your home. When you inhale, the alcohol enters your body and is quickly absorbed. The process is faster than in liquid form. In this case, your body can’t warn you when you consume too much alcohol. It also can’t fight back. So eventually, you’ll consume more than you should.

Not Getting the Result You Wanted

You may point to Alcoholic Architecture or AWOL’s Alcho-Vapor and tell us that alcohol in the vapor isn’t as deadly as you think. But in these machines, no vodka or alcohol was added directly to the humidifier. Instead, numerous precautions were taken to offer people alcohol in the form of vapor.

Despite this, Alcho vapor has been banned in 17 states in the US. It’s just not fun when you’ve to protect yourself multiple times before getting alcohol in the form of vapor, whether you’re doing it in a club or in your home.

Can I Put Vodka in My Humidifier?

No, You shouldn’t put vodka in your humidifier. This is because it can cause you to have a fire. It also has similar disadvantages to the alcohol in your humidifier (see above). We’ve had the experience of some people mixing vodka with water in their humidifier. The result was that they weren’t satisfied with the result.

Constant headaches and burning eyes were the best they could take away from this adventure. The reason for this may be that it’s absorbed quickly. Therefore, the effect can wear off faster. So, you’ll waste your vodka without feeling anything.

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Can I Put Rubbing Alcohol in My Humidifier?

Yes, you can use rubbing alcohol to clean your humidifier.

Rubbing alcohol is used as an antiseptic. Therefore, it’s not harmful to clean your humidifier with the right amount of rubbing alcohol. It kills the germs inside the unit that can otherwise spread throughout the room with the steam.

Although the saturation of rubbing alcohol is relatively low compared to vodka, it shouldn’t be used as a vaporized liquid. So, you can’t use rubbing alcohol instead of water in a humidifier. Rather, use it to properly clean the humidifier.

Can I Put Isopropyl Alcohol in A Humidifier?

While we don’t recommend you use any alcohol as a substitute for water in your humidifier, cleaning your humidifier with isopropyl alcohol is considered okay. Isopropyl alcohol is a potent antimicrobial agent. It can kill germs faster. Therefore, using isopropyl alcohol to clean your humidifier is perfectly fine.

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Final Thoughts

So, can you put alcohol in a humidifier? The answer is both yes and no. You can use alcohol in your humidifier for cleaning purposes. But if you plan to put alcohol in your humidifier instead of water, you should dismiss the idea.

Humidifiers are meant to fill our indoor spaces with a pleasant experience. You can opt for options that will lift your spirits. But not every idea is worth trying. Sometimes a little lack of knowledge can lead to disaster.

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