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Can You Put Eucalyptus Oil in a Humidifier?

The environment becomes drier and colder as winter approaches. Especially in winter, the indoor moisture content of the air is at its lowest. Accordingly, such an atmosphere leads to the usual health problems such as dry skin and lips, dry throat, swollen vocal cords, etc.

To avoid such problems during the dry season, most people use humidifiers in their homes. Humidifiers are home appliances that add moisture to the air by creating water vapor or steam. As the humidity rises, humidifiers provide a feeling of warmth and comfort.

Many people prefer to use essential oils in their humidifiers. Essential oils are oils that are extracted from plants. They come in a variety of beautiful and soothing scents. In addition, some essential oils can be perfect for the skin and overall health. Their elegant scent can help improve mood, reduce anxiety, relieve headaches, and improve sleep. But can you put eucalyptus oil in a humidifier? Let’s find out!

Eucalyptus Oil and Its Characteristics

One of the most famous and relaxing essential oils is eucalyptus oil. For a long time, the oil extracted from eucalyptus leaves has been used all over the world for aromatherapy and skincare. People use eucalyptus oil in their humidifiers because its naturally soothing scent and key chemical ingredients have proven to be highly beneficial.

The ingredients make breathing easier, relieve coughs and colds, and reduce anxiety. However, besides these great benefits, using eucalyptus oil in your humidifier can also have allergic side effects – if you use it without proper knowledge and restrictions.

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The Correct Method of Using Eucalyptus Oil in Your Humidifier

Home appliance experts usually recommend not using additional ingredients in humidifiers because it can damage the appliance. But when used in the right way and amount, essential oils can be a handy addition to your humidifier.

Below are some ways you can use eucalyptus oil in your humidifier most effectively:

  • The primary function of a humidifier isn’t to diffuse oils. So when you use essential oils in a humidifier, the amount used must be small and subtle.
  • The oil must be well diluted with the water to not damage the humidifier.
  • It’s better to use a cool mist humidifier for this, as a warm mist humidifier can inactivate the beneficial ingredients of the oil when heating the water.
  • Using a dropper, you can add 3 to 4 drops of eucalyptus oil to the water container of your humidifier. When you activate the device, the oil will come out with the water as steam, creating a light and beautiful ambiance in your home with its pleasant scent.
  • A small cotton swab partially soaked with the oil can be placed in the water container of the humidifier. This method is simple and provides a long-lasting scent of eucalyptus oil in your home.

An essential factor to keep in mind when using eucalyptus oil in your humidifier is to clean the device carefully after each use. This cleanliness is necessary so that excess oil doesn’t clog the device over time or damage the components inside. For the same reason, it’s highly advisable not to use essential oils in your humidifier daily.

Can I Put Eucalyptus Leaves in My Humidifier?

No, you should not put eucalyptus leaves in your humidifier. While using essential oils in your humidifier can be beneficial, they can damage the device if you don’t do it right. But any additional ingredient is a strict no.

Using substances other than water and a tiny amount of essential oil can cause the device to become damaged entirely or stop working. Therefore, the use of eucalyptus leaves in a humidifier is a no-no.

Can I Use Eucalyptus Oil in A Humidifier for A Baby?

No, you can’t use eucalyptus oil in a humidifier for a baby. As beneficial as eucalyptus oil may be for adults, it’s not recommended to use any category of essential oil in your humidifiers if it’s to be kept around babies. Even though eucalyptus oil can significantly help adults with respiratory problems, the same isn’t valid for babies.

Each type of essential oil has a powerful scent. Babies have tiny airways, and such a strong smelling oil can affect their breathing. In an extreme emergency, a doctor should be consulted beforehand to determine if the oil will be beneficial to the baby’s airway or cause further difficulties.

Is Eucalyptus Oil In Humidifier Safe For Dogs?

No, eucalyptus oil in a humidifier isn’t safe for dogs. Pets don’t react to essential oils the way humans do. Most essential oils like eucalyptus can be toxic to dogs. Dogs have extremely sensitive noses. Even if your dog seems to like the scent of the oil, his behavior could change if he spends a long time in that environment.

Therefore, it’s best to keep your dogs away from an environment where essential oil has been used in a humidifier. When it comes to reducing your beloved pet’s stress, the scent of vanilla and coconut can be much more helpful than essential oils.

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Final Words

With all that said, we can easily understand how tricky eucalyptus is as an essential oil. If you don’t follow proper instructions and adhere to certain application limits, using eucalyptus oil in your humidifier could prove to be a wrong decision.

So can you put eucalyptus oil in a humidifier? Yes, you can! Adding eucalyptus oil to your humidifier is the perfect solution to create a comfortable climate in your home that’s also very good for your health.

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