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Can You Put Fabuloso in a Humidifier?

You might be tempted to use Fabuloso, the popular cleaning product for your humidifier. After all, the need to keep your humidifier away from all kinds of dirt and germs is extremely essential.

Moreover, Fabuloso is known to leave better smell than other similar cleaning products- a sweet lavender aroma that can refresh everything around. However, does it actually work? Can you really put Fabuloso in a humidifier without risking a fire hazard? We are here to elaborate.

Can You Expect the Fabuloso to Go Well with the Humidifier?

It is important to realize how a humidifier works before we dive into whether or not Fabuloso can be used inside them. Humidifiers run on electricity and need to have water inside the tanks, which evaporates with time and spreads moisture to remove stale air and keeps the surrounding fresh.

Since these devices run on electricity, as soon as the water inside the humidifier evaporates, it will become dry and prone to explosion. When the humidifier overheats, it can give rise to a fire. However, it will not explode immediately.

This was about water- but what about liquids like Fabuloso. Boiling Fabuloso is not the best idea you can have. It is true that the aroma of the cleaning product only gets more intense when you boil it. However, it brings more damage than rewards.

You must also remember that the chemicals inside the Fabuloso does not work properly after they are boiled. Rather, they can lead to more damage if you boil it. The vaporized product is not a desired one.

Is Using Fabuloso in a Humidifier Harmful for the Body?

As mentioned above, the cleaning product, Fabuloso, consists of quite some chemicals. These chemicals do not work that well when you vaporize it or boil it at a high temperature.

Why is that? Well, the chemicals inside the Fabuloso are not meant to be heated under any occasion. Research has proven Fabuloso to only be dangerous whenever boiling it was involved.

What are the Main Concerns?

Well, we have a few to name.

The Human Body Does Not React Well to Boiled Fabuloso

The cleaning product consists of Glutaraldehyde inside. This chemical is very unhealthy for our body. When the product is heated or vaporized, you are likely to inhale this chemical. This in turn could lead to health hazards like asthma or other lungs irritations.

Many People Complain about Nausea

Another ingredient within the Fabuloso are the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). These give the intense smell to the cleaning product as well. Heating these compounds make the scent stronger. However, many people complain about the smell triggering nausea or terrible headache.

Stomach Complaints

This becomes quite expected after we have talked about all the different kinds of chemicals and how boiling them poses a threat to human body. You do not want to cook in the same pot as those chemicals now, do you?

When Can You Use Fabuloso in the Humidifier?

Technically speaking, you can and may put the cleaning liquid Fabuloso in your humidifier. It is not likely to give rise to a big fire hazard or break down the product when used in contained quantities.

However, one fact goes without saying- you should keep the device away from you when using the Fabuloso inside it. Why so? Well, you should not directly inhale the product. It can lead to several health issues including lungs irritations, sore throat or even breathing problems.

The intensity should also be kept in mind. Inhaling the product in smaller sniffs can still be okay, but you should make a conscious effort to not inhale it directly or in large sniffs.

Hence, keeping the machine at a good distance from you, when you have added Fabuloso inside it, will ensure that you are safe from any sort of health issues.

Final Words

Now that you are aware about the fact that Fabuloso can have health hazards if sniffed or inhaled in larger quantities, it is important that you have enough precautions to prevent that from happening when and if you use it inside your humidifier.

It is important to understand the principles behind the operation of such devices to understand how to avoid the possibilities of leading to added troubles.

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