Can You Put Fog Juice In A Humidifier?

Remember all those foggy, dreamy effects at Halloween parties and dance performances? All that fog comes from a fog machine.

Aside from entertainment purposes, fog juices combined with fog machines have a variety of uses, including industrial applications. You know how fog machines work effectively if you’ve ever taken a fire safety training course.

Fog machines and humidifiers are both known for producing vaporized liquid. It is surprising how many people attempt to use humidifiers to create fog when they are intended for moisturizing dry air in homes and offices.

Whether or not you can add mist juice to a humidifier is debatable and depends on what kind of effect you want to achieve.

Can I Put Fog Juice in my Humidifier?

When fog juice is put into a fog machine, it is heated, and vapor is created. Next, this vapor is then ejected from the nozzle. But where does the fog form in the process? The fog forms when the warm vapor combines with the cool air outside. To achieve the smoky and foggy effect that a fog machine creates, adding fog juice to a humidifier isn’t the best idea.

You can put fog juice in a humidifier. Still, we can’t guarantee it’ll work unless you change the composition of the liquid or use the right type of humidifier. If you put fog juice into an ultrasonic humidifier, there’s a slight chance you’ll produce fog that won’t disappear almost immediately.

This is because fog juice is primarily a mixture of deionized water and an active ingredient. This active ingredient can be glycerin, any glycol, or a combination of both.

Since fog juice only contains about 30% glycerin, it can help to add more glycerin to the fog juice and balance the ratio of water and active ingredient. This way, when the humidifier is turned on, the vaporized and emitted artificial fog stays in the air a little longer, prolonging the effect of fog in the environment.

While it is certainly not possible to create fog clouds through a humidifier, you can add fog juice to any cold fog, steam, or warm fog humidifier to create fog gradually. However, this mist isn’t as visible because humidifiers gradually add steam.

Also, unlike a fog machine, humidifiers don’t allow you to control how much fog to create. There’s no way to make the fog effect you want, whether you want an opaque, smoky environment or an intense fog.

When fog juice is added to a humidifier, the fog produced is much lighter. According to the laws of science, it would easily rise into the air and dissipate without staying too long.

Is Fog Machine Juice Toxic?

Fog juice, or the juice used to create fog in a fog machine, doesn’t contain any chemicals that could be harmful or toxic to human health because the whole process is based on water.

Fog juice is mainly a mixture of water and glycerine, which fog machines create with heat or ultrasound. None of these methods change the composition of the fog juice or the generated vapor so that it could pose a health risk.

However, if the fog machine juice becomes overheated, whether due to a malfunction of the machine or the default settings. The by-products that are produced may be harmful to humans.

If you have a sensitive respiratory system or an allergy to smoke and dust, the fog produced by a fog machine can irritate your senses. In any case, the effects are temporary, non-lethal, and non-toxic.

How to Make Fog Juice without Any Machine for Humidifier?

You can make fog juice without the special machine. The following methods describe how you can make fog juice for humidifiers.

First, you need an empty container to store the made mist juice for later use. You can empty and clean any plastic bottles for storage.

To make fog juice, the ingredients you need are distilled water and vegetable-based glycerin. Making mist juice used in a humidifier isn’t tricky. Still, the mixing ratio will determine whether the mist produced will last longer in the air.

A slightly higher percentage of glycerin than the water composition will ensure that the fog is denser. However, if you add too much of the additive, the fog may become too heavy. A safe percentage of glycerin is 15 to 30%. If you don’t want a heavy fog, it’s best to use about 1/3 of the glycerin in the total mixture.

Once you’ve added the two ingredients, shake the bottle well after putting the lid on. Once the solution turns cloudy, you know the mixing is complete.

Final Thoughts

Who doesn’t love the smoggy effect on a party floor? But not everyone has a fog machine to create that buzzing fog. As humidifiers have become a necessity, every household has one. Humidifiers are a great addition in extreme weather conditions, especially for people with respiratory and allergy problems.

So a common question is: Can you put fog juice in a humidifier? You can add fog juice to the water tank to create fog, but it doesn’t have the same heavy smoke effect as the more predictable fog machines.

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