Can You Put Soap in a Humidifier?

People often use different types of elements in their humidifiers for better results. Some work like a fresh breeze, and some are nothing but a waste of money. Among all these, can you put soap in a humidifier to get better results? Let’s find out!

Can I Put Soap in My Humidifier?

No, you cannot put soap in your humidifier. It is recommended not to use any detergent to make the air of your humidifier smell smoother. The chemical bonds of soap or detergent are harmful to your body.

As you smell the particles, it can cause severe damage to your lungs and nostrils. More importantly, adding soap water in a humidifier does not significantly change the air’s smell. Our advice on this topic is: you can always use a spoonful of lemon extract in the humidifier water to make it smell better.

Can You Use Soap To Clean a Humidifier?

Yes, you can use soap to clean a humidifier. The best cleaning supplies are liquid dish soap, steam water, and manual grease. It’s also possible that the liquid we use to fill our tanks can cause problems. To keep potentially hazardous germs out of the air we breathe, both the CPSC and the EPA advise filling the humidifier with filtered water rather than tap water.

Will Putting Soap in a Humidifier Improve Air Quality in the Room?

While soap is an excellent solution for cleaning your humidifier, it does not improve the air quality in the room. It is highly recommended that you use enough water while cleaning your humidifier with soap so that no soap particles remain in the humidifier. As we said above, it is harmful to your body to inhale soap particles through the air.


Soap works by clumping together filth on a tiny level, encircling it, and allowing you to wash it down the sewer easily. So, you can use soap and water to keep your humidifier clean; however, using soap to enhance the smell of the air is not a hygienic idea.

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