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How to Get Rid of Cat Hair in the Air?

Being a cat parent is joyous but also tiring sometimes. Are you fed up with cat hair all around the house? How to get cat hair out of the air?

There are some pretty basic ways that you can implement to solve this situation. From grooming your cats to purchasing an air purifier, we got all sorts of solutions for you. Stay hooked on this article. I’ll provide you all the information how you can enjoy the fresh air even when you are with your cats.

So, let’s get started on how to get cat hair out of the air!

Dealing with Cat Hair In Your Home

There are two things you can do to reduce the amount of cat hair floating in the air:

  • remove the cat hair already floating around
  • prevent the cat hair from getting in the air

How to get cat hair out of the air?

There are only way to remove the car hair from the air – use an air purifier.

Get a High-quality Air Purifier

Lastly, we recommend purchasing a high-quality air purifier. You see after you are done with all the cleaning and dusting in your house, you might still notice a few strains of hair floating around.

If you have allergies, then those pet-shed microscopic particles can cause you some serious damage. It’ll seem like you are doing everything, yet you can’t see the maximum results.

Here’s when an air purifier can help you breathe in fresh air. A good-quality air purifier like NuWave OxyPure sucks up all of the microscopic elements that contaminate your air. We are not only talking about clearing cat hair but also smoke, and any type of harmful particles from the air.

So, these are how to get cat hair out of the air in the best ways possible.

How to prevent cat hair from getting in the air?

Groom Your Cat

Grooming is the easiest way to prevent your cat’s hair shedding problems. You can do this in two ways – brushing or bathing. To be honest, we recommend both.

This is how to get cat hair out of the air through grooming.

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Brush You Cat

So, you are experiencing too much cat hair in the air these days. The main reason is that the loose hair that your cat is shedding every now and then. Though it’s quite natural for your cats, it can be pretty annoying for you.

Take a nice, firm brush and brush off that excess hair from your pet. We advise this brushing in outdoors. Otherwise, you will be contaminating the air inside your home again by removing the loosen hair.

However, if you have no other choice other than brushing indoors, place a towel under your cat before brushing. This way, you can clean the majority of the hair and throw them in the trash can.

Bath You Cat

While bathing can lessen the floating hair problems, it is a MUST for cat owners anyway. Bathing your cat at least once in a month can solve hair shedding and dander problems effortlessly. On the other hand, your cat will be so clean, even the person who has allergies can get closer to it.

So, how to get cat hair out of the air through bathing? At first, you need to brush out the excess hair the way described in the previous section. Then, wash your cat’s hair with an excellent-quality cat shampoo. Use some conditioner at the end to give your cat a shiny look.

You must rinse off the excess hair thoroughly. Dry your cat nicely and then repeat the brushing process. That’s how you can stop your cat shedding loose hair in the air.

Professionally Groom You Cat

If you have some more cash in hand for your cat, you can always use professional services. There are many companies that provide special cleaning and grooming services for pets.

They will take extra care of your cats and tailor them into shedding less hair. We recommend taking your cat out for a professional grooming at least once a month. Well, your cat also needs a salon-style look just like you!

Mark Your Cat’s Territory

Another easy way of getting the cat hair out of the air is to limit the area of its activity. It’s mostly appropriate if you own a bigger house. You can restrict areas like your bedroom, your kid’s bedroom, and the kitchen.

This is the best way to get rid of those allergies you get every time you are nearer to your pet. Sure, your cat can walk around anywhere outside the marked area.

One great idea is to buy designer pillowcases and mattresses that keep your bed dust, dander, and pet-hair free. You won’t have to worry about sleeping with your pet at night then.

You can also keep the indoor air clean by keeping your cat in the garage. This way your home will be free from cat hair and dander.

Give Your Home a Nice Clean Regularly

We talked about washing up your kitty cat with nice warm water for shedding less hair. But do you know that grooming your house can also help you in this case?

Well, cleaning your whole house daily is essential anyways. We think you do so. However, you still might notice cat hair in the air piling up on the carpets and some other challenging places. So, what’s the solution?

Use a Pet Hair Vacuum

Make your vacuum cleaning more efficient. Using a pet hair vacuum is how to get cat hair out of the air. This vacuum cleaner has adequate filtration technology which helps to suck up all those hairs stuck into sticky places.

Clean the Furniture

Here’s another pro tip to get rid of cat hair out of the air. Wipe off the dirt regularly from your furniture. Use a mop in this to give your furniture a final cleanup. After you are done, you will definitely see a big change in your room.

Remove Thick Carpets

Carpets tend to grab pet hair too easily. It’s also pretty messy and hard to clean these carpets every day. That’s why we recommend switching to hardwood floors instead of using carpets. It’s easy to mop and wipe off those hairs from the floor.

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Final Words

We will provide you a quick summary here. The first and foremost duty to prevent cats shedding too much hair is grooming. Brush off those hairs from your cat and give your kitty a nice bath regularly. You can also restrict the area of your cat’s activity.

You must vacuum your house and furniture every day even if you don’t see any visible dirt. Lastly, we recommend purchasing an air purifier to ensure the purest air in your house.

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