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Should I Put Hot or Cold Water in My Humidifier?

Humidifiers are modern household appliances that everyone knows and uses. Temperature and humidity in your home are essential factors to keep in mind. Your skin condition and general health depend on the environment in your home.

If the air in your home is too dry and doesn’t have enough moisture, humidifiers can save you from problems. Humidifiers emit water mist or steam. Releasing steam increases the moisture content of the air and keeps the humidity in your home stable. Humidifiers can save you from dry skin and allergies. They make the furniture in your home last longer, and there are many other benefits.

Do You Put Hot or Cold Water in a Humidifier?

Whether to pour hot or cold water into a humidifier is a common question. Humidifiers aren’t too complicated. You can get a handle on them with common sense and prudence. When you put cold or hot water in a humidifier, there are different results or performances.

I suggest putting cold or room-temperature water in your humidifier to avoid issues.

While you can put both hot and cold water in some types of humidifiers, cold water won’t damage your humidifier, no matter what type.

If you use too hot water, your humidifier can be damaged. This can be easily avoided by using cold water. This is especially true if you have an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier. In other words, cold water in a humidifier has more benefits than hot water.

Also, using cold water in your humidifier is better for your breathing. It also increases the life of the humidifier.

Can You Put Hot Water in a Humidifier?

Yes, you can put hot water in the warm mist type humidifier. These humidifiers can benefit from hot water if that’s what you want.

However, there are a few catches that you should be aware of. Using hot water in a humidifier offers benefits. Still, it can also present some problems that you should be mindful of.

When you boil the water for the humidifier, you kill most of the pathogens present. You can use this method if you don’t have purified water. If you don’t heat the water, the pathogens usually remain in the tap water.

But if you use too hot water, the tank of your humidifier can be damaged if your humidifier isn’t designed for hot water.

Using hot water in your humidifier will only give you a few benefits. You can use hot water to create a warmer and gentler atmosphere. Hot water has better moisturizing properties compared to cold water. This creates a soothing environment in your home. But that’s the only benefit you can achieve with hot water.

Here are some disadvantages of using hot water in your humidifier.

Cons of Using Hot Water In a Humidifier

Increased Risk of An Accident

Putting hot water in your humidifier is the wrong choice if you’ve children in your family or keep pets.

Humidifiers are delicate devices. Accidents happen in the most unexpected ways. If you accidentally trip over the humidifier filled with hot water or get too close to it, it can cause serious injuries. Therefore, it’s better to use cold water.

Can Damage the Device

Hot water contains more mineral components than cold water. Because of this high mineral content, humidifiers can quickly become clogged if they’re regularly filled with hot water.

This eventually leads to mold and bacteria settling in the device. Thus, the humidifier becomes unusable over time.

Can Be Unhealthy

Inhaling a warm mist can be helpful for cough and cold. But inhaling warm steam without a specific health purpose can lead to side effects.

According to experts, the warm mist can cause an unusual swelling of the nasal passages. It’s not advisable to inhale warm steam if you don’t have a cold or your nose is stuffy.

As we can understand, putting hot water into your humidifier has more disadvantages than advantages. Instead of putting hot water in your humidifier, a warm mist humidifier can serve the same purpose.

Using cool water in your humidifier is recommended by experts and is suitable for your overall health. Plus, cool water is safe to use around children and pets.

Can You Put Hot Water in A Cool-Mist Humidifier?

No, putting hot water in a cool mist humidifier is not recommended. It won’t give you the benefits you need.

Cool mist humidifiers are specifically designed to release cold steam into the environment. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what water temperature you put in the device – it’ll always emit cold water vapor. Also, we’ve already talked about the risks associated with hot water in a humidifier. Overall, using hot water in a cool-mist humidifier is not beneficial in any case.

Can You Put Hot Water in A Warm Mist Humidifier?

No, you shouldn’t put hot water in a warm mist humidifier.

The purpose of a warm mist humidifier is to release warm steam. The device boils the water itself before it releases moisture. Therefore, hot water in a humidifier emits warm mist has no added benefit.

Instead, it may be helpful to use water at room temperature. This way, there’s also no risk of unexpected accidents. It’s recommended to always use a cool-mist humidifier in a house with children and pets.

Can You Put Warm Water In A Humidifier?

No, you don’t need to put warm water in a humidifier at all although you can do it if you use a warm mist humidifier. In the case of a humidifier, distilled water and room-temperature water should take precedence.

Even though warm water can be used, experts always recommend cool water. Using cool water ensures safety. It’s also very beneficial to your health.

Do Not Use Boiling Hot Water In A Humidifier

If you’re thinking of pouring boiling water into humidifiers, please don’t do it. The humidifier’s water tank is made of plastic. It won’t be able to hold its shape in boiling hot water.

The container will deform, and the internal mechanism of the humidifier may be damaged.

Can You Put Cold Water in a Humidifier?

Yes, you can put cold water in a humidifier. You may be wondering, there are so many risks with using hot water, then what about cold water? Don’t worry, because cold water is entirely safe for humidifiers.

It provides a stable and comfortable humidity level in your home and gives you several benefits. Cold water also helps your humidifier last longer.

Can You Put Cold Water in A Warm Mist Humidifier?

Yes, you can put cold water in a warm mist humidifier. It will not damage the unit, but it may reduce the output.

As their name suggests, warm mist humidifiers release warm moisture into the air. This type of humidifier is perfect for relieving colds and flu.

Can you use cold water in these humidifiers? Cold water can be used in these humidifiers unless otherwise stated in the instructions.

Since the humidifier boils or heats the water to create a warm mist, we don’t understand why you’d put cold water in it.

Regardless of what reason you’ve, you can put cold water in a warm mist humidifier. But that slows down the heating process of the water to deliver a warm mist.

Can You Put Cold Water in A Cool Mist Humidifier?

Yes, you can put cold water in a cool mist humidifier. When you put cold water in, the mist that comes out is cooler.

Contrary to what the name suggests, the mist that comes from a cool mist humidifier isn’t cold. It disperses water temperature mist. They’re called cold mist humidifiers because the humidity that comes from these humidifiers doesn’t raise the ambient temperature.

When you put cold water in a cold mist humidifier, the humidifier can benefit in many ways. So if you want to pour cold water into a cold mist humidifier, you can confidently do so.

Benefits Of Putting Cold Water in A Cold Mist Humidifier

Using cold water in a cold mist humidifier is beneficial for both the humidifier and the person in the room.

Here are some of the benefits of putting cold water in a cold cool mist humidifier.

Expels Cold Vapor

Typically, cold mist humidifiers disperse water vapor in the air at ambient temperature. But when you put cold water in the tank, the steam that comes out is cooler. This creates an impression that the ambient temperature is decreased and makes breathing more comfortable for you. In my other article, I explain that the humidifier in fact does not cool the room.

Maintains The Longevity of the Humidifier

What causes a humidifier to slowly break down? The mineral deposits of water form on the inner parts of the humidifier.

Hot water and room temperature water contain more minerals than cold water. So cold water has less mineral residue deposited on the humidifier. Thus, cold water can benefit the humidifier and prolong its life.

Do Not Let Bacteria Grow

Cold water doesn’t provide a breeding ground for bacteria. So there’s less risk of bacteria growing in the humidifier and making it unhealthy.

However, the water must be distilled if you don’t want bacteria to accumulate. Cold water doesn’t provide a breeding ground for bacteria, but bacteria are still present in the water.

So if you want to take advantage of this cold water benefit, you should use distilled cold water in the humidifier.

Safe for Pets and Children

Using cold water is safe for pets and children. We all know how active children and pets are. They knock things over in the house.

So even if they knock the humidifier over, they won’t get scalded.

Can I Put Ice Water in A Humidifier?

Yes, you can put ice water in a humidifier. However, the answer is complicated. If you just put ice cubes in it, the humidifier won’t work. The humidifier needs water to work. The ice cubes need some time to melt. Until then, the humidifier will shut down for safety reasons.

More Tips About Water Temperature For Humidifiers

The bottom line is that you can use cold water in humidifiers. But to clear up your confusion about water temperature here’s some advice.

Do Not Use Ice Cubes and Freezing Water in A Warm Mist Humidifier

If you only use ice cubes in a cold mist humidifier, it won’t work correctly. So if you put them in a warm humidifier, it won’t work correctly either.

If you use ice cubes and frozen water together, the warm humidifier will be slow to work. This is because the coldness of the water slows down the heating process of the water to create a warm mist.


Humidifiers are necessary not only for your house but also for your health. After thorough analysis and discussion, it’s safe to say that cold water is better than hot water.

It also helps you maintain a healthy climate in your house and makes everything easier for you. You should choose cold water to be safe and secure.

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