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How To Tell If Air Purifier Is Working?

Air purifiers keep the air in our rooms clean and breathable by filtering dust, allergens, and other air pollutants. They also sieve out pet dander, pollen, and all the microscopic impurities in the air that can cause allergic reactions and irritations.

Most purifiers use filters to trap the impurities physically to clean the air, while some use a particle burning process. Whichever the mechanism, when you have been using an air filter for a considerable amount of time, it might seem to you that the indoor air quality has degraded. And the question may arise how do you know if your air purifier is working properly?

Although the air filter is turned on, the air you breathe seems reeking and heavier. Maybe you’ve started to have allergic sneezing again.

Ways of How to Tell if Air Purifier is Working

With all the doubt, you ask yourself-how to tell if an air purifier is functioning properly.  The good news is, there are few simple approaches you can follow to inspect whether your air purifier is still in order.

Here are 6 ways on how do I know if my air purifier is working:

Checking the Filters Manually for Impurities

There are several types of air purifiers, and each filters the air in a different mechanism. Depending on what kind of air purifier you are using, you’ll have to either replace the filter or clean it.

For HEPA filter or carbon filters, you can physically check the filter to see if it’s blocked with contaminants. If you see too much dust and pollutants trapped, this might be a good time to replace these filters.

If the air purifier you own uses ionizing technology, simply run a check on the ionizing rods that trap the dust particles. If you notice that the rod is jam-packed with contaminants, consider the unclear rod the reason your air is not being properly sanitized.

Besides, if an air purifier comes with a pre-filter, check the filter every two to four weeks. If you notice a thick layer of mold and other filths clogging up the filter, you need to replace it immediately.

Checking the Airflow by Hand

Another quick and easy way to tell if the air purifier is working is to use your hand to feel the airflow. This is especially useful if you have an air purifier that does not use any physical filter. Like the PCO purifiers, such filters use a fan to draw in and draw out the air.

It is not always accumulated impurities that may cause your air purifier to stop working correctly. Purifiers dependent on a fan for efficient airflow are sometimes affected if the fan is malfunctioning.

One way to tell if the fan needs replacing or repairing is when it is making too much noise. Other times, the fan may rotate too slowly to get rid of the impurities.

Keeping an Eye on the Indicators

Some filters have integrated indicator lights that signal the status of the filters. These service lights function differently depending on the type of air purifier you have. Some indicators warn you when it’s time to replace the filters, and there are lights to flag the status of the fan or the quality of air.

Usually, these indicator lights use green light to signal that the working condition of the filter or fan is good. If you keep an eye on these lights, they will turn red when it’s time to replace any of the parts inside your air purifier.

While an indicator can be an easy and trouble-free way to know that your air purifier needs some attention, it is not always the more accurate and reliable one. Being an electronic control, electoral fluctuations can lead to these service lights working in the best way.

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Being Alert and Observing Changes in Air Quality

If you are already looking for answers to the question, how do I know if my air purifier is working, It is one of the most useful signals that your air purifier is probably having issues with. This is because when the air purifier is not working in order, you can feel the air being less breathable, sometimes heavier.

While intuition is a great warning, it would also mean your room would not smell as fresh as it does when the purifier is working in full force. If you have pets in the house, you’ll notice furs and dander flying about.

Additionally, if you notice that your allergies, sinus issues, or irritations are back, it’s a direct indication that the air purifier in your room is failing to get rid of all the impurities.

Using an Indoor Air Quality Monitor

If you have scrutinized your air purifier in every manual way possible and still feel there is something off about the indoor air quality, one of the most effective ways to check is using a digital monitor specialized to tell you about the impurities present in your room.

While some air purifiers have built-in air quality monitors with them, you can also buy more advanced options to be certain. This is especially useful if you or anyone in your house suffers from respiratory complications or serious allergic issues.

To use this performance monitor, observe the readings on the monitor in a room without any purifier. Next, take readings from the monitor when placed in the room where the filter is turned on. If your air purifier is working, the readings will show much-improved air quality compared to the other room.

Examining the Air Quality Using Chemical Test Kits

With the help of chemical kits, you can effectively check if your room has greater percentages of mold, mildew, or other dirt pollutants. Usually, you can use the kit by simply following the manual it comes with.

For most chemical kits, it is advised you use the kit when the air purifier has been on for a few hours. For comparison, take the reading from the kit either in a separate room without any purifier, or you can also turn off the purifier for 2 hours in the same room.

Other than pollen, and rot, these chemical kits can also tell if your air is filled with other biological microorganisms that might contribute to the degraded air quality. If the readings are bad, you can tell that the air purifier in that room is not working right.

Final Thoughts

When people buy air purifiers, the most common inquiry after days of using them is about knowing if the air purifier is functioning. And that’s a valid question to ask, as the air purifiers constantly sanitize the air and get rid of allergens and impurities.

Luckily, there are a few simple ways to test if the air you are breathing is fresh and contaminant-free. The first of it is a hunch. If you feel that the air around the room is not as fresh anymore, it’s time to check on your filters.

Further, always remember to look out for indicator signals. If you don’t have those service lights with your purifier, make sure to routinely check the filters, rods, and fan to tell if your air purifier is working. Hope you won’t struggle with ‘how to tell if the air purifier is working anymore’!

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