Can I Use Tap Water in My Humidifier?

Getting a humidifier is the right choice because when fall and winter arrive, you may anticipate lower temperatures, drier and thinner air, and a heavy reliance on heaters. So, if you have seasonal allergies, a cold, or the flu, this environment can seriously disrupt your sleep and comfort. It can also cause problems with your skin and nasal cavities.


You cannot enjoy good winter with watery and itchy eyes or chapped and dry skin. No matter how much cream and lotion you apply, it’s never enough. So, a humidifier’s an excellent investment to relieve yourself of these problems. The question comes with it: Can you use water from taps in your humidifier? Let’s find out!


Can I use tap water in my humidifier?


Yes, you can use water from taps with the guarantee that you will regularly clean the water tank to prevent any water deposits, mold, or bacterial growth. In general, tap water you can drink is safe unless the customer’s handbook specifically instructs you to use only distilled water.


If you do not manage to clean thoroughly, tap water could harm your humidifier and potentially disperse harmful microorganisms throughout your house. Whether or not tap water is entirely safe depends on the source and type of tap water.


Moreover, due to the location, tap water also contains germs and harmful microbes. So, when using tap water, all of the germs release into the open, increasing the risk of issues breathing, especially in children.


Why isn’t tap water safe to use in my humidifier?


Tap water is safe depending on the source, but in the long run, it might become harmful for the ones who inhale air from the humidifier. Humidifiers have humid conditions, making them ideal places to grow bacteria and mold. So, the eventual increase of minerals and spread of mold can harm your family. It can also hamper your humidifier’s functionality.


Additionally, you might notice other undesirable problems like white power, which means you have hard water evaporating from your humidifier. The mineral composition of your tap water causes the white powder to be created during the heating and cooling process. This is what emits water as water vapor. It is not hazardous but can be inconvenient with all the dust accumulated in the furniture.


Another undesirable issue you might come across is pink mold. If you start noticing the growth of pink mold inside the tank, it may indicate that your tap water is hard. Although pink mold can form even with distilled water, the mineral concentration of your water may affect how frequently this mold appears.


Can I use filtered tap water in my humidifier?


No, you cannot use filtered tap water. Why? Because while the word ‘filtered’ may seem to give some clarification, you cannot fully filter the mineral components in the water. So, if you would still like to take a chance, ensure to empty excess water and maintain a strict routine to clean the water tank in your humidifier



Distilled, purified, or demineralized water is the best method to ensure you breathe good air. You can easily buy them from local stores, but because of their high demand, getting these types of water can charge you extra.


Can I use boiled water in my humidifier?


No, you cannot use boiled water in your humidifier. Boiling the water kills microbes like bacteria and viruses, but the issue of mineral deposits remains. Thus, boiling water is the least recommended because the more the water boils, the more concentrated the remaining water is with minerals.


You might confuse boiling water with distilled water, but they are entirely different. Distilled water is made from a vapor condensed into a liquid for usage. Boiling water is the water left in the pot after heating.


So, if you face a severe issue with mold, boiling water can be a good option for neutralizing it. However, don’t pour hot boiled water because it severely damages the humidifier. Let it cool down at room temperature before pouring it in.


How to make tap water safe for humidifiers?


There aren’t safety procedures to make tap water safe for humidifiers. Instead, you can use distilled, demineralized, or purified water in your humidifier. So this can prevent mold and bacterial growth as well as mineral deposition.


Distilled, purified, or demineralized water is highly preferred because of the process through which they are formed. Distilled water is formed from water getting heated way past the boiling point. Even while it’s boiling, the minerals are deposited or left behind while the water becomes vapor. So, this vapor is then collected and condensed again into a liquid.


Luckily, you can make distilled water at home. But there are several steps you need to follow. First, bring water to a boil and place a glass bowl inside the pot. Then, place the pot’s lid but invert it.


Put a big block of ice on the lid so that when water evaporates, it condenses on the top and drips into the bowl. Keep this going for a while; the water collected in the glass bowl is your distilled water.


Demineralized water, as the name suggests, removes all minerals from the water through deionization. Demineralizing takes less time compared to distilled water.


These alternatives are another excellent solution if you have a busy schedule that will not leave you time for cleaning. Using distilled, demineralized, and purified water does not leave any residue behind, so the need for cleaning it is less.


The foul odor is another factor that tap water contributes to with prolonged use. As you guessed, using the mentioned water above will prevent mold or contamination, saving you from any smell and leaving you with cleaner air.


Final Thoughts


Next time you wonder if you can use tap water in your humidifier, you have the answer. Tap water you consume daily can be deemed safe, but extended use can create mold and mineral buildup or even increase the growth of bacteria. If the air injected into the air contains any of these, it can negatively impact your health and even promote the growth of mold and microbes in different corners of your house.


Unfortunately, there are not any ways to make tap water safe. However, there are great alternatives. And these are distilled, purified, and demineralized water that will ensure that none of the harmful components are ever given a chance to enter your home. And if you do not want to buy it, you can always make your own distilled water. One type of water you do not wish to use in your humidifier is boiled water. You know the answer why. So, thank you for reading till the end. Stay healthy and stay cool!

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