What is Winix PlasmaWave Technology?

The PlasmaWave technology, invented by Winix in collaboration with Drexel Plasma Institute Research Partners, employs a natural filtering mechanism that generates positive and negative ions. It effectively breaks apart dangerous contaminants at a molecular scale without producing any damaging ozone. PlasmaWave Technology is the distinguishing feature of Winix Air Purifiers.

PlasmaWave technology can be seen not just in Winix air purifiers but also in a variety of other brands. Nonetheless, the Winix machines are constantly at the forefront of PlasmaWave technology. This innovation can be found in every air purifier made by this Korean company.

What is PlasmaWave Technology?

PlasmaWave innovation is efficient in purifying and removing all sorts of particles from the air, and it is particularly good at removing pathogens and microbes.  Winix air purifiers not only utilize a high-quality HEPA filter to catch the large proportion of particulates in the atmosphere but also integrate HEPA filtration with the technology to bring a strong element to filter the air in any household or workplace.

Winix PlasmaWave Technology generates Hydroxyls, which are used to destroy germs and viruses without the usage of hazardous ozone. It uses nature’s capacity to purify the air and replicates the organic, healthy, and practical method of air purification.

The mechanism uses a benign and brief electric current to generate double polarity ions, positive and negative, which are then dispersed into the atmosphere.

While the ions bind to the membrane of air pollutants, including infectious agents, they organically extract hydrogen from the physical properties of the air pollutants. Then it helps remove those pollutants and leads to healthier and cleaner air.

How Safe is PlasmaWave Technology?

Winix has stated that the air purifiers using Plasmawave technology do not really emit hazardous quantities of ozone. As a result, those suffering from respiration problems or asthma would not have to stress about any of those conditions worsening.

However, ionizing technology is being developed. As a result, just a trace quantity of ozone is released into the atmosphere. It may bring you comfort that the Winix air purifiers need to meet specific limits for ozone discharge.

Small electrical discharges are also kept to a minimum and are completely safe. This is due to the fact that the charge of electricity seems to last milliseconds barely.

PlasmaWave Technology: Is it Harmful?

Filter-based air purifiers emit no toxic byproducts and are thus beneficial to your health. They filter out hazardous and allergy-inducing particles from the air, leaving only clean air left. Ozone generators are an unsuitable and indeed hazardous option.

Plasma wave technology is among the most effective air cleaning solutions on the market. However, any device that generates ions will generate at least a tiny quantity of ozone.

And it’s not like you could disguise the odor of ozone. It’s difficult to argue that it doesn’t produce ozone because you can plainly smell it.

What are the Harmful Effects of Being Exposed to Ozone?

Users of ozone generators could be unaware that ozone can injure the tissues in the lungs and respiratory tracts. Ozone burns and aggravates the lining of the respiratory tract. Chronic cough, chest pains, lightheadedness, and difficulty breathing are all signs of this condition.

Ozone can aggravate asthma signs and may lead to asthma induction. Excessive ozone exposure can induce irreversible lung damage, and constant exposure can even raise the chance of death in people who are already ill.

Young kids and individuals who already have asthma or other lung problems are more sensitive to health issues caused by ozone exposure. There have been several animal experiments, including those on canines, mice, rodents, and guinea pigs, that indicate respiratory consequences from ozone exposure. Birds are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of atmospheric pollutants such as ozone.

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How Harmful is PlasmaWave?

The word to remember here is “hazardous.” The Winix plasma wave claims to produce no hazardous ozone. It does not state that it produces no ozone. Just not in a dangerous quantity.

The PlasmaWave, like other ionizers, is generally safe for use. Winix claims that the PlasmaWave method produces no ozone, thus its air purifiers will not aggravate asthma or other respiratory problems.

Independent studies indicate that the ozone produced is practically invisible at 3 PPB (Parts Per Billion), which is far below the FDA’s allowed limit of 50 PPB. It proves that PlasmaWave only does what is necessary to keep the air clean without putting you at any risk.

Is PlasmaWave Better than Other Technologies?

Mold spores, toxic substances, odors, reactive gases, and allergens are just a few of the air pollutants that can cause asthma. A True HEPA filter is the key filtering technology to choose for people with asthma. Alternative air purifying technologies like activated carbon can be explored as an extra filtering stage to remove odors, pollutants, and other hazardous organic pollutants.

Numerous air purifiers have extra filtering technologies, such as PlasmaWave, that target pathogens like viruses and bacteria. Several technologies, including ozone generators and earlier models of ionizers, could induce asthma sufferers’ distress and must be shunned.

Negative ion air purifiers don’t really remove contaminants from the air. Negative ions cause pollutant particles to be aggregate and get weighted down on the surface of objects and flooring. Everyday actions such as strolling or sweeping might bring these pollutants into the environment by allowing them to become dispersed again.

PlasmaWave Technology is sometimes mislabeled as an “ionizer” or associated with negative ion production technology. The technique is far improved since it generates both positive and negative ions, whereas ionizers only generate negative ions. The Winix PlasmaWave Technology substantially lowers air pollution concentrations.

PlasmaWave Technology and Asthma

By eliminating interior pollutants in a room, an air purifier helps lower the chance of an asthma attack. You would be able to breathe easier without experiencing asthma problems or lung discomfort. The sole requirement is that the air cleaner is activated at all times to protect people from incoming allergens.

While evaluating asthma air purifiers, there are several types of purification to explore. The ideal kind will catch the most severe asthma-inducing stimuli within the filter and keep them from cycling back in the air.

Ionizers release negative ions, which magnetically charge and attach positive ion particles in the air. A metal plate or filter can capture the larger particles. Since the plate is detachable and there are no filters to change, it is recyclable and offers great value.

Despite popular perception, an ionizer is harmless since it does not produce contaminants such as ozone. And PlasmaWave technology may be considered an ionizer by a lot of people, but it actually generates both positive and negative ions both (as mentioned before). So you rest assured that Winix PlasmaWave technology would be a great choice for people with asthma or similar health issues.

Does Winix PlasmaWave Kill Viruses?

According to research, correctly using a mask and regularly adopting appropriate social distance can greatly decrease the growth of COVID-19 by droplet transmission.

However, questions about potential aerosol transfer have prompted many individuals to choose air purifiers.

During the COVID-19 epidemic, your own house is typically the safest place to be. As a result, the ordinary person is unlikely to require an air purifier. This is certainly relevant if you exclusively socialize with residents of your own home, wear a mask when you step out, and maintain excellent social distance.

Winix PlasmaWave air purifiers come with a HEPA filter which has proven to kill off harmful particles in the air. It can eliminate viruses that would lead to your indoor air being safe and stop COVID-19 transmission.

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Which Winix Air Purifiers Have PlasmaWave Technology?

Below is a list of several Winix Air Purifiers that comes with PlasmaWave technology built-in:

Without PlasmaWave, you can end up getting an ionizer or an air purifier that would trigger respiratory problems. A lot of them only release negative ions, which- as we have established already- are pretty harmful.

Winix air purifiers that have PlasmaWave technology release negative and positive ions to counteract the negative effects. The ozone level released by PlasmaWave is completely harmless since it’s way below the approved PPB set by the FDA (3 PPB).

Bottom Line

COVID-19 has become the primary concern in recent times and has the most influence on how we operate. It is undoubtedly influencing how we maintain and sterilize our houses. We can agree that we are all taking additional steps and procedures to make our living places hygienic. The purity of your indoor air, according to specialists, has never been more essential.

With the majority of our lives spent indoors, Winix Air Purifiers are among the trusted and beneficial appliances that can create a safer living environment for you and your family.

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