Can I Put Tea in My Humidifier?

Say you have a sore throat, or maybe you sneeze and cough all the time. Before you know it, you even lose sleep. When you wake up, you look at yourself in the mirror. Your sleepy eyes have black circles, your cheeks are parched. You’re so tired you can’t even complain. Yet you sneeze loudly like there is no tomorrow.

Many people have had this problem. Even if you haven’t, someone in your family may suffer from a cold, and their coughing and sneezing keep you up all night.

Have you ever thought if putting the tea in your humidifier can solve the sore throat problem?

Read on to learn more about adding tea to your humidifier tank to try to resolve the cold symptoms.

Can I Put Tea in My Humidifier?

There are a lot of things you could put in the humidifier. One of the most popular choices is to put in tea. Tea has great health benefits. Whether you are drinking it or inhaling it- tea makes for an all-healing medicine.

Tea has many benefits that make it tempting to put it in your humidifier. Simply make some tea, pour it into a cup, and place it inside the humidifier. After you activate the machine, the humidifier will do the rest. All you need to do is relax and inhale the mist. Your cold will pass, like a distant dream.

Before you do this, check the user manual and see what the manufacturer says about substances that can be used in the appliance. If the water is the only approved substance, using anything else will void the warranty.

Can You Put Chamomile Tea in a Humidifier?

If you are a fan of chamomile flowers, chamomile tea would be a great decision. Chamomile tea is also a great choice for women since it will soothe menstrual pain. It is also great for inflammation and high blood sugar. It is also great for any sort of skin disease.

The great thing about this tea mist is that it will also help you fall asleep easily while making the requirements to cure your cold.

All you need to do is brew yourself some warm chamomile tea and put it in the humidifier. You could also suspend the chamomile tea bag from the mist generator. The heat produced by the humidifier will infuse the mist particles with the tea molecules.

Can You Put Green Tea in a Humidifier?

Everyone likes to drink green tea. Aside from having a calm and delicious undertone to it, green tea is a great deterrent to serious health issues. Green tea has bioactive compounds that increase brain functions.

An advantage of using green tea with the humidifier is that you will burn your fat, even as you sleep and relax. You fix it to the humidifier, the same way as you fixed the chamomile tea.

A shortcoming of using green tea mist in the humidifier is that both tea bags and brewed tea will not last long. Green tea has a lower boiling point and so it will completely evaporate in a few minutes.

Can You Use Teabags in a Humidifier?

Suspending your teabag from the mist generator of the humidifier is an easy way to get the tea mist. It does not require much work and labor. However, there are certain dangers to directly using the tea bag. If the bag cuts open, the tea leaves might fall out and they will ruin the motor in the generator.

Our advice would be to pour a cup of brewed tea into the humidifier. This would opt for the best-case scenario in the long run.

What to Keep in Mind

If you add anything to a humidifier, you must be able to clean the tank and pump easily. If you can’t, don’t add anything more than distilled water.

To ensure the consistent use of the humidifier, you have to clean the motor and pump regularly after use. Humidifiers make use of the heating element inside to heat the water and produce mist.

If you put something like a tea bag inside, the bag could get torn due to the heat. The items inside could get out of place and ruin the motor. What is more, when you use something other than water, like oil or tea, regular use could cause stains to develop inside the humidifier. This will depreciate the efficiency of the humidifier in the long run.

It is pretty easy to modify the humidifier. When we are saying to modify, you do need to need to worry about it. What we are going to modify is not the circuits or chips and motors. We are only going to put something inside it instead of the water.

So, you don’t need to worry about doing something that will require a lot of experience or have a health hazard.

Some suggest putting tea leaves, for example, mint and eucalyptus leaves, in the humidifier. I believe that it is a bad idea. Humidifiers are designed to work with liquids and leaves will damage them. You can prepare tea from the leaves and then pour it into the humidifier.

Essential oils are also a great alternative to tea to put into a humidifier. You will relax and sleep soundly to the subtle smell of essential oils. They have a guaranteed calming effect.

Ending Notes

Among a plethora of benefits that humidifiers offer, being able to put something like tea in it is surely one of them.

Just make sure to clean it properly and notice if you face any discomfort. If you do everything properly, you’ll exhale your stress away in no time.

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