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How to Hide Window AC Unit Inside?

An air conditioner or AC is an essential part of your luxury home if you want to live through the hot summer days in peace. However, it is not what you want to be out on display for everyone to see. Most people would prefer it to stay hidden.

It could not be very comfortable if your perfectly designed living room interior or just any other room were to look cluttered with the air conditioner equipment. While hiding an AC unit outdoors is an easier task, there are also many ways to disguise your portable AC.

So today, we have some of the best ideas to hide your AC unit in your room.

Things To Keep In Mind

Before we get into sharing these ideas, though, you need to keep in mind some fundamental ground rules about your AC unit.

  • The portable AC should be vented outside, so you should position it near the window.
  • Consider ways to hide the AC hose
  • You should provide an easy option to drain your AC unit
  • Keep in mind that your solution lets you access your equipment when you get the residential HVAC servicing or repairs.
  • You must never block the flow of air around the equipment in any way. This will make your air conditioner less efficient at cooling your space, and you will also cause it to overheat.

How to Hide Window AC Unit Inside?

If you live in an apartment with no outdoor space in the city, your indoor air conditioning unit can become an eyesore on your ceilings and walls. So here are some of the ways you can hide your window air conditioning unit inside.

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Wall-Mounted Vent Cabinet

Suppose you have a wall-mounted air conditioner, whether a through-the-wall unit or a ductless unit, a stylish wall-mounted vent cabinet is a great idea. You can easily do maintenance on the unit and adjust the fans if required since it will have doors that can be opened.

You can either DIY yourself a vent cover, or you can get one if you are struggling to come up with something creative. You can have fun choosing the design, shape, and color of the cover since you can find a large variety of them. Choose one that compliments your style the best and have it work as wall decor.

Lace Wall Panel with Die-cut Wood

With this, you will not just be covering up and hiding your air conditioning unit but also throwing a bit of the antique decorations onto your wall. This is a great way to take your ac unit out of sight while also providing enough airflow to make sure that it properly cools your space.

With the die-cut panel backed with antique lace, you can surely decorate one of your walls. It will add more to your beautiful home interior.

Wrought Iron Grate

This is also a fascinating way of getting your ac unit out of the way. This works great because if you decide to go with this and buy grille covers, you will see plenty of options you can pick from.

This is great because if you have a specific style of decor in your room and want something that fits that style, you can buy grille covers that can match any architectural style or decor. All you need to do is look for the one and get it installed.

Shutter Box

A shutter box kind of works in a similar way as a vent cover. This is also another wall-mounted cabinet option. If you are looking for a more vintage option, you can get yourself a chic shabby shutter box with slats that can open up. This is so your air conditioning equipment does not overheat and has enough airflow to work efficiently.

Wall Mounted Shelf

This could be a great addition to your bedroom or even your living room. A wall-mounted shelf is like hitting two birds with one stone. Not only do you get an air conditioning vent, but you also get yourself a shelf decor on the wall.

You can have your ac unit in the vent system hidden on the side of the shelf and use the actual frame to show off some of your decorations or books. A wall-mounted rack will look the best if you have it custom built to match the furniture in the room you have it in.

Your air conditioner would get enough airflow from the slatted wooden doors. The doors can, of course, open up when you need to get your ac unit serviced or repaired.

Mantel Made Out of Metal Grille

We already discussed the option of using metal grilles to hide your ac unit. This makes it a level further. With a giant mantel made out of metal grilles, you can hide your ac unit on the wall, and if you want, you can also use it as a cover for a heating register.

No matter what you use this metal grille for, if you prefer to go with a rustic aesthetic, you most definitely will not go wrong with this one.

Slatted Wooden Panel

This is a great option to go with if you are opting for a more modern look. If your living room interior or the interior design of your room, in general, has a modern look to it, then you cannot go wrong with these slatted wood panels.

You can have your air conditioning unit behind these slatted wood panels and let your room get all the cooling it needs while maintaining a fancy and minimalist look—an excellent choice for a modern home.

Cover with Shutter Register

This is also another way of using a shutter as a vent for your AC unit. However, this time, instead of a cabinet system on the wall, you could go for something like a fake door or fake window look.

Have your AC unit set up into the wall and cover it up with some shutter doors. It makes for a nice look in your home and makes people wonder where the door leads to. Since the door offers a lot more space, you can maintain your AC equipment with ease.

Decorative Metal Panel

This might come off a bit similar to the metal grilles, but this looks more modern and architectural. Having a decorative metal panel on a wall in your house makes it look a lot more stylish. It fits in great with that modern aesthetic look.

You can have your air conditioner unit mounted into the wall and put up a metal panel as decoration in front of it. Your AC gets enough airflow and works properly, and you get your room cooled and have a beautiful wall.

Custom Wall Art

It would fit great in your home if you are someone who loves to collect and buy art. If you have lots of art displayed on the walls around your house, then you could consider getting a custom wall art designed for your AC unit.

It allows you to make an artistic design for your AC and display it as a piece of art that people can see and think looks cool.

Ready-made AC Unit

You can go into a shop and buy it or even order it online. That’s all it takes, no DIY procedures are required.

All you need to do for this AC unit is that you need to install it on your wall and select a piece of artwork that you like for the inside of the frame. It will just stay there and look like an art piece and cool your space.

The Plain Old Curtains

It would probably be the most common and easiest solution. If your AC unit is installed in your window (which is the case for most people), then you can have your curtain hanging over it.

You let your room get some privacy with the curtains, and they can also cover up your air conditioning unit from inside the house. It might be a simple solution, but it works.

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Final Words

AC units are a necessity in your home. Even more so, if you live in dry or tropical places, it can keep you safe from overheating during the hot summer days. However, they can draw too much attention to their body. We hope these ideas helped you find something that suits your needs the best.

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