How To Hide Window Air Conditioner Unit Outside?

An air conditioner is undoubtedly one of the machines that make our lives comfortable. The outside weather can be harsh now and then. But we need our home to stay pampering all the time.

This is why almost every house relies on this another wonder of technology. But as much as the inside of our house gets comfortable, the outside can look messy with the existence of the ugly box. The AC unit stays outside of our home as we are too conscious of our interior.

But what if the AC unit could stay outside and not remain as something eye-sore? Today we have come up with ideas to hide your AC units. So that comfort does not compromise your backyard’s beauty.

Why Should You Hide Your Air Conditioner Unit Outside?

First and foremost, this unit does the tough job of our air conditioner. It releases the heat from the inside of your house to the outside. But the structure is quite bulky and boring. This is why many people think of ways to disguise AC units by using different methods.

But there is another advantage of hiding your AC unit. Over the years, the dirt and debris outside can make the unit dirty, which will make it more eye-soring and reduce the lifespan of the machine. So, hiding the unit can help you in keeping it clean.

What to Remember before Disguising the AC Unit Outside

Before hiding the air conditioner unit, keep in mind a few things so that you don’t end up making a mess.

Check the Manual

Better safe than sorry! There is no harm in going through manuals. Read the manufacturer manual thoroughly to know whether there is any specific distance to be maintained before putting the box into any enclosure.


The condenser part of the AC unit releases hot air taken from inside of your house. If the unit cover is too rigid to allow airflow, the AC unit will not release the heat. It will affect the lifespan of your air conditioner. So, make sure that the outdoor HVAC unit can breathe in a structure with an ample amount of airflow.

No Close Contact with Living or Other Objects

You might get many plant-related ideas to hide your AC unit. But we want you to think about the plants also. They have lives too. So, do not place the plants too near to the part where heat is released.

It can harm the condition of the plants. Keep a distance of at least 2 feet between the condenser part and the plants. Also, ensure the machine is not attached to other objects. Even if it is inside a structure, adequate space should be left on all sides.

Keep Maintenance Options Available

You are supposed to hide the ugly box, not to grave it for good. It will need maintenance at least twice a year. So, do not put the box into any structure which is closed permanently. Keep the cleaning and maintenance options available.

Choose a Place with a Shade

Even if your AC unit is inside a structure, try to place it somewhere under shade. Placing an AC unit under sunlight is not suitable for the machine in the long run. So try to choose a hiding place with shade.

How To Disguise  Window Air Conditioner Unit Outside?

And now, let’s talk about how you can hide the window air conditioner unit outside. We have as many as 19 ways to help you hide your AC unit.

Trash Can and AC Unit in 1

We all agree that it is not only the air conditioner unit outside which looks odd, but also the trash can. Often the most valuable objects are the least appealable to our eyes. So we need to hide them.

It is somewhat better if we can place both of these eyesores in a single compartment. Make a wood or bamboo compartment and place your trash can and the AC unit behind closed doors.

DIY AC House

Turning something eye-sore into eye-catching is what DIY champions do. You can be one of them. If you cannot hide your AC unit inside your room, why not make a cottage for it?

A small cottage-like structure will always enhance the beauty of your yard. Optionally, you can decorate the cottage with colorful flower plants.

Using Decorative Metal Panel

One of the positive sides of using metal panels would be that there will be ample space for airflow, which is necessary for AC units. Metal panels will give your backyard the aesthetic look it deserves.

Shutter Register Cover

You can attach the AC unit directly to the outside wall of your house. To make the space look like a window, use a shutter register cover. Paint the cover with the color of your choice, and voila! A fake closed window hides the AC unit. How creative!

Slatted Wood Panel

You must have seen people using a slatted wood panel in their modern apartments. But you can use them outside of your house also. Use the panels like sliding doors. This way, you can have easy access to the AC unit for maintenance.

Die-cut Wood and Lace Wall Panel

Die-cut wood and lace panels seem antique. This is the reason why this can be a good choice for hiding your AC units. No one will ever doubt during your backyard party that this aesthetic wall panel is hiding your AC unit. Aesthetic and convenient is what this hiding game would be.

Shutter Box

This might not seem too appealing compared to a die-cut wood lace panel, but it is pretty convenient. You can use your unused shabby shutters and make a home for the AC unit. Open the doors and allow the heat to release. Pretty convenient, isn’t it?

Wrought Iron Grate

A little investment outside your house will not harm you in any way. Instead, a wrought-iron grate can enhance the beauty of your yard a thousand times more. Your guests are going to appreciate your house decor skills. And don’t worry, we will not tell anyone that it is hiding your AC unit.

Wall Mounted Die-Cut Cabinet

Attaching AC units to walls saves lots of space. You can also go creative with the design and make a cabinet-like structure for hiding your AC unit. Using a die-cut design will ensure airflow. The cabinet style will allow easy opening during maintenance and cleaning.

Bamboo Partition

It is eco-friendly, a great way to maintain privacy, and a great hiding place for your AC unit. You can set the height of the partition according to your need. The bamboo partition is never out of date.

Lattice Screen and Planter Box

Another idea is to make your backyard aesthetic. The lattice screen enhances the beauty of any place with its simplicity. We recommend you add a planter box to give the structure a garden-like look.

Giant Plant

Elephant ears and caladium can be great choices to hide your AC unit. Anything from Mother Nature brings life to our backyards. These exotic plants can make your yard soothing with a touch of nature. In addition, the AC unit is also hidden. But make sure not to place the plant too close to the hot air. It can be harmful to the plant.

Decorative Pallet Screen

All you need is an old shipping pallet to hide your AC unit. This is not expensive at all and can provide ample amounts of airflow. The best part is, you can go creative with this. Just grab some paint and brush and draw your imagination. Or let your kid do the creative task for you—a sound drawing book for your kid and a great hiding place for your AC unit.

Ocotillo Fence

We are not telling you to search the entire state for ocotillo plants. But you can make something similar to that. All you need is some vine and patience. Incise some sticks to create a fence-like structure.

Place the posts closer so that the AC unit is not visible. Get some climbing plants and wait for them to cover the system entirely. Optionally, you can choose flower vines to make the structure more sophisticated.

DIY Painted Door Screen

Give your backyard the Caribbean vibe or a café look. Use the old doors from your storehouse and paint them in bright colors. Place the door screen so that the AC unit is hidden behind them.

Lattice Vine Wall

This time we are placing vine on a lattice wall. Beautiful morning glory flowers with bright colors can hide your AC unit and brighten up your day. The lattice wall will allow the hot air to get released quickly.

But remember to leave a couple of feet of space between the AC unit and the wall so that the condenser part does not harm the beautiful vine flowers.

Creative Pallet Planter

As simple as it can be, the pallet planter can be a good hiding place for your AC unit. All you need is a vertical garden in the pallet planter.

You can place it in front of the AC unit, and you are good to go. If you are creative, you can transform an old cabinet or shelf into a pallet planter. Options are countless.

Garden Structure

Let’s face it, placing AC units right beside the outside wall is too moldy. We can think beyond and transform this boring unit into an eye-catching garden structure. Make a creative structure of your choice. Suppose we are making a summer cottage.

Make the cabin big enough to hold the unit and avail airflow. Now place the design amid your plants. No one will wonder that this creative cottage is housing an odd AC unit. How creative!

AC Enclosures

Even manufacturers agree that the AC units are not pleasing to the eyes. This is why some brands offer AC enclosures that provide house to the units, allow airflow, and easy maintenance.

You can choose your favorite wallpaper and stick that on your AC unit enclosures. This way, the boring structure becomes colorful and eye-catching.

Final Thoughts

You need to hide your AC unit, and we have ways to help you. Options are endless to choose from.

So, choose your style and conceal your ugly box. And if mood allows, then get creative with that hiding place if you can transform an eye sore into something delightful.

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