How To Install Portable Air Conditioner In Sliding Door?

The installation of portable air conditioners in a sliding door is simple and inexpensive. With the right portable air conditioner door vent kit and equipment, you can do the job in a matter of minutes.

As most portable air conditioners come with door kits, installing one through a sliding door is simple. You wouldn’t have to be an expert or have any training to accomplish it. Just following the directions should give you a clear picture about what to do.

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Before Installation Starts

First, let’s prepare everything you need to install your portable air conditioner in the sliding door.

Chose Installatoion Location

First, choose a good location for your portable air conditioner system. Preferably, you should position your air conditioner beside an exterior window or a sliding door with an electrical outlet nearby. This is critical for several reasons:

  • Cables, particularly if they are unprotected, can be a potential hazard.
  • Extension cables should not be utilized since they are a fire danger.
  • The power wire should be able to reach the outlet without becoming too strained. Likewise, the exhaust hose should reach the door without being excessively stretched. The hose’s optimum position must be as short and upright as feasible.
  • The machine must be positioned on firm level terrain and in an area devoid of obstacles including furniture, partitions, shrubs, and so on, since they might block airflow and lower the effectiveness of the air conditioner.

The least permissible space between the machine and the wall would be specified in the device’s user manual. Place your device according to the distance.

You may begin installing the device after it has been properly positioned.

Prepare Things You Need

Then check the portable AC vent kit and see if it contains everything you would need to install. The kit should have:

  • Exhaust connector(s)
  • Exhaust hose
  • Hose adaptors
  • Door/window brackets
  • Slider connectors
  • Screws, weather strips and other accessories are optional

You should also make sure that the bracket is suitable with your door. They are typically designed to slide vertically and horizontally in most conventional windows or doors. If it does not fit precisely, you might have to make some adjustments. The width of your door will decide whether the adaptor kit has to be trimmed or expanded. You may simply add to the kit by using plexiglass, plywood, or cardboard.

Prepare the Installation Kit

The kit must be vertically positioned after opening the door and stretched until it meets the frame height. For a sliding door, you may require a double bracket (a regular bracket plus a filler bracket).

Install the weather stripping/foam to seal the opening and keep bugs and warm air out. To keep the kit in position, secure it with screws (if provided) and shut the door sash.

Attach the Exhaust Hose

This procedure differs depending on the model. You should follow the installation guide attentively to determine your next move.

Attach an exhaust connector to the unit initially. Some models may already have this installed. Plug the exhaust connector to the vent hose. Connect the vent hose’s opposite end to the adapter.

Stretch the hose until it can be connected to the slider kit. When stretching the hose, keep in mind that you would like it to be short (probably around 8 to 9 ft.) and straight until it reaches the door to prevent impeding air movement.

Or else, the cooling function of the machine would be compromised, and the unit may possibly be damaged.

You can tweak the kit sliders till the gap between the frame and adapter is entirely closed. You must also make certain that everything is securely fastened. Duct tape may be used to fasten the connections at both sides of the vent line.

How to Install Portable Air Conditioner in Sliding Door?

There are three ways to install the portable AC in the sliding door:

  • by cutting a hole in the door glass and attaching the vent hose to the hole
  • by installing a screen in the part of the door and venting the AC thru the screen
  • by installing the sliding door vent kit

By Cutting a Hole in the Sliding Glass Door

Since we’re talking about the installation of a portable air conditioner in your sliding door, there’s another way you could help yourself out. Well, technically, you require a handy man to do it for you. Due to the sliding door being made of glass, you could easily make a hole within the glass door.

This creates the space your AC vent hose needs to be connected through. If you pay a handyman to do it for you, it would cost a few bucks and be done in less than a day or so.

Do not try to do this yourself; cutting a hole in the glass door might be more difficult than you think. It has a high chance of breaking the entire door if not done correctly according to the measurements.

This is typically a method used by individuals residing in the hotter regions of the globe, where they require air conditioning almost all year long- it’s the closest to a permanent solution available.

By Installing a Screen Door Seal

HOOMEE Zipper Screen Door Seal for Portable Air ConditionerHOOMEE Zipper Screen Door Seal for Portable Air ConditionerCHECK CURRENT PRICE

The screen door seal locks a hose of the portable air conditioner between the window pane and the glass itself to prevent warm air from escaping. Your room will stay cooler for longer because of the “closed atmosphere” it produces.

In order for your movable air conditioner to be effective and cool your bedroom faster, this mechanism first seals around the open door before zipping around the head of your hoses and blocking the return passage of heated air.

The door seal helps to cut down on energy use and carbon dioxide emissions, that are especially high in the summer because of the extensive use of air conditioners. It lowers your energy costs by preventing warm air from moving in your space.

You don’t need to purchase door kits, hose connectors, or extra tools. The package you’ll purchase includes everything you need. Simply cover the door itself as well as the inner part of your door frame with the adhesive hook tape.

In order to hook the tape, affix the door seal. Position your air conditioner hose outside the door after opening the zip just on door seal. At the conclusion, wrap the hose completely in the zip. As simple as that.

Regardless of the manufacturer, it is appropriate for all mobile air conditioners but also tumble dryers. It will work for both doors which open to the left and those that open toward the right.

Using Sliding Door Vent Kit

gulrear Portable Air Conditioner Sliding Door Vent Kitgulrear Portable Air Conditioner Sliding Door Vent KitCHECK CURRENT PRICE

A sliding door vent kit shall also serve the purpose for you. A sliding air conditioner system is simple to install and can be easily expanded meet your window requirements. sure take dimensions before making a purchase.

Only with slider nuts, these panels are simple to modify. Additionally, the AC Door seal kit may be adjusted for the ideal fit and operates with both horizontal as well as vertical window frames.

Simply slide, glide, and click into place for installation that couldn’t be simpler! The ideal option for making the most of your AC unit is the side door air conditioner kit.

The back of such portable air conditioners has an air exhaust vent. The diameter of the emission hose cut-outs is roughly 5.9″. Therefore, before making a purchase, confirm that the AC air exhaust outlet does have a 5.9-inch width.


Installing a portable air conditioner in a sliding door is a simple task that can be completed in a matter of minutes. All you require is a door vent kit and some equipment.

There are some things consider about before installing a portable air conditioner to guarantee that you don’t have any difficulties and that owning a portable air conditioner is worthwhile. Taking precautions is also essential for safeguarding yourself and others around.

The installation of a window air conditioner in a sliding window or door is not too complex and does not require a lot of money or effort.

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