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Should You Sleep With A Humidifier Every Night?

Many of us wake up with a dry throat and have to put a glass of water by our bedside in the evening.

Do you know why this happens? Running the air conditioner for too long can leave our throats and skin dry and itchy. Central heating in winter has the same effect.

This is where humidifiers come in, they help replace the lost moisture in the air in your room.

The mist is either warm or cool, depending on how you want it. An amazing technology that solves your problems and helps you sleep peacefully at night! However, many of us wonder if we should leave the humidifier on all night.

In this article, we will discuss the safety of leaving the humidifier on at night, whether you should leave it on all night, and what is beneficial to your health. So stay with me!

Can a Humidifier Run All Night?

Yes, you can enjoy a sound sleep with your humidifier turned on all night. Experts have tested humidifiers and after several runs, they found most humidifiers to be 100% safe for 12 – 14 hour continuous operation.

Humidifiers help to retain moisture in dry conditions with their water dispensing system. However, you should also keep in mind the type of humidifier you have. If you have evaporative cold ones you do not have to worry at all.

As humidifiers are electronic gadgets, we have tons of fear for leaving it turned on all night. What if it catches fire, or burns the circuit? Or produces too much moisture causing further health problems.

The ones with warm mist should be monitored at least once at night. Compact and transportable ones are the best as they are the easiest to maintain and regulate.

Should Humidifier Run All Night?

Well, running your humidifier all night is completely fine and you can leave it on all night if the situation requires. You won’t face any problems. On the contrary, there might be some benefits as well. Those who live in a dry climate can suffer from dry air. This is where a humidifier comes in handy. It can make the space very comfortable by adding moisture to the air.

But what about prolonged exposure to dry air during the nighttime? Sleeping in the bedroom with dry air can cause dry skin, chapped lips, or even a dry throat in the morning. Therefore, leaving your humidifier is not only safe, but it can potentially reduce skin problems too.

Should Humidifier Run All Night In Bedroom?

Yes. Running your humidifier all night in the bedroom is completely fine as long as there are no plants or porous surfaces nearby. Dry air can make it very difficult to get a good night’s sleep. We all know how important sleep is.

Thankfully, running your humidifier isn’t a problem. On top of that, you can enjoy some pretty significant health benefits. For example, dry air can increase mucus production, causing a blocked nose. That’s why running a humidifier will keep the air humid and won’t cause any nose or mucus congestion leading to better sleep.

Nothing is more uncomfortable than waking up in the morning and having dry skin. Sleeping with the humidifier the whole night can help moisturize your skin. You’ll feel much more refreshed and energized the day after.

In addition, dry air can harbor germs and helps bacteria spread. So when you get a cut, and it’s exposed to dry air, there’s a much higher chance of getting an infection. With the right humidity levels, you can prevent bacteria and germs from spreading.

There really isn’t any problem running your humidifier in the bedroom. You can read this article to know more about keeping your humidifier on all night.

Is It Safe to Leave a Humidifier on All Night?

Yes, it is completely fine to leave your humidifier turned on at night. However, there are a few factors you need to keep in mind.

Running your humidifier all night won’t cause any major health problems. But you should also be cautious when running any kind of electronic device all night. There are tons of benefits to running your humidifier all night.

But you also don’t want to get the air too humid. So, even though it’s completely safe to run a humidifier all night, it’s probably unnecessary.  Check whether your humidifier gets too hot when it’s running for long hours. It might get damaged from the heat. Moreover, if you’ll be outside the house for a long time, it’s safe to not leave electrical devices running.

Humidifiers with Thermostats

Like all other advanced electrical appliances, the latest humidifiers are equipped with thermostats. These humidifiers can detect the moisture content and temperature in your room and adjust its mist level accordingly. Such humidifiers can be turned on for 14 – 15 hours non-stop and are ideal for dry climate regions.

Operation Capacity of Your Humidifier

The operational capacity depends on and varies from model to model. Before purchasing your humidifier check for how long it can operate smoothly. Sometimes the operational capacity depends on the size of the humidifier.

Larger ones of 3 – 4 gallons per day have a higher operational capacity than those of 0.5 to 1.5 gallons per day.

Portability of Humidifiers

Most of the latest best humidifier models are small and portable and can allow you to transport them at any corner. They also have the right controls and let users optimize the settings. You can control the moisture level and set it according to your preference.

Many humidifiers come with an automatic shut-off feature. If the internal tank empties, it will shut off because humidifiers do not do well with an empty tank.


Check if your existing humidifiers are connected to a plumbing system or not. If you plan on keeping your humidifiers turned on at night they should make little or no noise. It should not be plugged into any faulty circuits or multi-plugs which may overheat and burn.

Also, remember to check the water level in the humidifier’s water tank. Humidifiers will not work without water, make sure to fill them with water if it is low.

What Are The Benefits Of Sleeping With A Humidifier Every Night?

Humidifiers are much more helpful than you think. Doctors recommend humidifiers for homes with people who have respiratory complications. I am going into the pros of this device in my article about humidifier benefits.

Where Should You Keep Your Humidifier at Night?

Many people make the mistake of keeping their humidifiers next to their beds. This is very risky, as they can fall on top of you and can cause an accident at night.

It is best to keep your humidifiers on a stable surface if you want to turn them on at night. However, if your room is small, you should place it in any corner of your room.

Final Thoughts

Humidifiers are a great invention that helps to keep us healthy and have a nice sound sleep at night. So when you wake up in the morning you will have a moistened mouth, throat, and skin. However, make sure to check the operational capacity and the internal water tank of the humidifier before sleeping.

Do not forget to check the wires and plugs so the humidifiers are connected. Adjust the moisture level to 35 to 50% so that it is not too damp for molds to grow. Well-maintained humidifiers can function every night, so you stay rest assured!

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