Can You Put Juice in a Humidifier?

It may sound completely foreign when you first hear about adding juice to a humidifier. Juice? In a device that only allows water, preferably distilled, as the only liquid to function? How can you add juice to a humidifier? Can you?

What happens when you add juice to the device? First, let’s consider why we would even consider adding juice to the humidifier. Fruit juice can make us feel refreshed when we drink it. But does it have the same effect when we inhale it as a vapor? Is that why you want to add juice to the humidifier?

The thought of adding juice to your humidifier may raise many questions. You may even wonder what juice can be added and what should be avoided when discussing the electrical device.

Can You Put Juice in a Humidifier?

No, you should not put juice in a humidifier. The idea of adding juices in different amounts can come to your mind. But, you must realize that most of these juices are sugar-containing beverages.

This means you will add lots of sugar to the machine when you add reasonable amounts of these juices. The sugar can gunk up the device and make it unsuitable to use. Furthermore, let us not forget that sugar can also make everything quite sticky.

Do you want that for your humidifier? Probably not. But, you can use tiny portions of juices like lemon juice if it doesn’t contain any sugar.

Can I Put Lemon Juice in a Humidifier?

No, you should not put lemon juice in your humidifier.  Lemon juice is still juice and can damage your appliance. Humidifiers are designed to use pure water, not fruit juices.

Why Would Even Consider Putting Lemon Juice in a Humidifier?

Disclaimer – I believe putting lemon juice or lemon peels in a humidifier is a terrible idea. I have never done it, I will never do it. And you should not as well.

Here is what I have found.

When you add one tablespoon of lemon juice into the water tank, with the water, the juice will supposedly help freshen the cool mist humidifier.  It is supposedly not applicable to other types of humidifiers.

The lemon juice will supposedly propagate throughout the humidifier and give off a fresh citrus aroma throughout the space where you are using the humidifier. It will be a refreshing supplement, bolstering a positive mood with the perfect scent. (I suggest using humidifier scents instead).

However, there supposedly are more benefits than just the fresh smell in the air. The acid in the lemon juice will supposedly help decrease the prospects of bacterial growth in the water tank. Furthermore, lemon juice supposedly contributes to cutting down the amount of mold and removing harmful allergens due to the substance’s acidity.

There is supposedly also added benefit of the lemon juice cleaning the humidifier itself.  You can soak a microfiber cloth in lemon juice. You can then wipe the different humidifier parts with this cloth and leave the juice in the tank for 10 minutes to thoroughly disinfect and clean the device. (I suggest using vinegar instead).

Can You Put Apple Juice in a Humidifier?

No, you can’t put apple juice in a humidifier. When it comes to apple juice, it is not practical. Just like orange juice, it contains sugar which can cause a lot of damage to your humidifier.

Along with that, apple juice has no acidic benefits that you can expect. However, apple cider vinegar can be helpful for your device.

Final Words

The bottom line is that putting any juice, even fog juice and vape juice, in your humidifier is not a good idea.

Not only will the humidifier be difficult to clean, but the juice can also cause corrosion and bacterial growth. Additionally, the humidifier will become clogged with pulp and other particles, leading to improper functioning.

The best way to keep a humidifier clean and functioning is to stick with clean water (you can even make distilled water at home) and follow the manufacturer’s manual for humidifier cleaning and maintenance.

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