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Can You Put Vape Juice in A Humidifier?

Vaping is increasingly replacing smoking tobacco for a lot of people. The “safer” alternative to smoking might be inhaling vape from a vaping device.

Usually, any vaping device is operated with a battery, where vape juice with varied flavors, mostly containing a certain percentage of nicotine is put into.

From vaporizers to vape pens to electronic cigarettes, people vape through many devices. Humidifiers, on the same page, vaporize the water and add moisture to dry air. If you haven’t guessed already, people have tried to be creative and used humidifiers as a vaping machines.

The question is, “can you put vape juice in a humidifier? Is it safe?

Can You Put Vape Juice in A Humidifier?

While you can put almost anything in a humidifier, including vape juice, you certainly should refrain from doing so for a few good reasons. The number of moisture humidifiers indeed add to the environment in a room is quite little. Over time, this amount of moisture does not require one to inhale directly. Putting vape juice into the humidifier, however, is a completely different story.

Usually when people vape, they blow out larger amounts of vapor. If you put vape juice in a humidifier, it might onto be possible to emit such a cloud of vape smoke, since the humidifier mechanism is vastly different from any vaping device mechanism.

Despite the possibility of conventional vaping with a humidifier, you can still put vape juice into one. In a cool mist or ultrasound humidifier, you would then be inhaling small amounts of flavored vapor. The effects could last longer while minimizing the drawbacks of direct inhaling.

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Moreover, vaping water along with little amounts of vape juice could be potentially dangerous to your lungs as well.

Additionally, the problem with putting vape juice in a humidifier is that when it is heated, the contents of vape juice additives may become altered. The altered additive may possess a risk to your throat, and more so to your lungs. However, it might not apply to humidifiers as most do not use heat.

With vape juice in a humidifier, using ultrasonic might be a more feasible as well as a safer alternative among all kinds of humidifiers. You can also dilute the juice with water as vaping direct water or too much juice is not possible, neither comfortable nor healthy.

What Happens If You Put Vaporizer Liquid in A Humidifier?

When you put vape juice in a humidifier, the basic mechanism in any humidifier you put the juice into involves the creation of inhalable aerosol. With that mentioned, depending on whether which kind of humidifier you are using, the vaporizer liquid will be converted differently.

In an evaporative humidifier, a combination of a fan and a filter is used to vaporize the vape juice, by passing dry air. A steam humidifier, on the other hand, will boil the vape juice to produce the vape mists. The other option is an ultrasonic humidifier, which, much like an e-cigarette uses ultrasonic frequencies to create vapor from the vape juice.

If you put vape juice in a warm mist humidifier, you could be inhaling hot streams of vape juice. This to say the least would be extremely uncomfortable. It could even irritate people’s throat as well as lungs. The vaporized juice, even if it is coming from a cool mist humidifier, could involve risks to the lungs.

Other than nicotine and known flavors, when vape juice is converted to vapor and inhaled, there are unknown additives that may cause problems with the respiratory system.

Few pieces of research have evidenced that the contents of vape juice might slightly be changed when heated. These contents in the vapor that people inhale may also contain potent ingredients that cause vaper’s tongues. Vaper’s tongue, although temporary, causes a loss of taste in one’s mouth.

Other than distilled or demineralized water, putting vape juice in a humidifier always leaves scope for mineral deposits. This in turn could cause bacterial buildup.

Can You Vape with A Humidifier?

Practically, you might not be able to vape with a humidifier, given how little humidifiers produce the vaporized steam. When people vape with conventionally vaping devices like a pen or e-cigarette, they inhale larger clouds of smoke through the mouthpiece.

In a humidifier, there is no such system that can give you the feeling of smoking a cigarette. It is possible to put vaporizer liquid in a humidifier, mix it with water and let small amounts of vape moisture fill up the air, but vaping with a humidifier is not so feasible. Inhaling or vaping directly through a humidifier could irritate your lungs with high water content in the humidifier.

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Final Thoughts

Humidifiers are one of the most useful devices during the cold months when the air is dry. Not only do humidifiers relieve your nasal congestion, but it also helps tackle allergy caused by a lack of moisture in the air.

With all the liquid you can add to the distilled water in the humidifier, can you put vape juice in a humidifier? While you certainly can, it is not the best idea when you have specialized vaping machines.

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